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A good logo tells a story.
But, a logo is not a brand.

Everyone always talks about a beautiful and cool logo, but few question the story behind it 
– Henri Kusbiantoro

If a brand is a person, as it should be, then a logo or a brand identity, is the face. A logo is critical for a brand of a business, country, or organization to be recognizable, like a person is known by a face. Therefore, a memorable logo should tell a story. It doesn’t always have to speak and declare its personality out loud but it should be enough to open a conversation. A logo is a gateway for a total brand experience. 

Brand Identities from 1999 to present.
Designed by Henri Kusbiantoro

From left to right: BARK, 2021. NFL Super Bowl, Landor San Francisco, 2010. Alluma, FutureBrand NY, 2019. Alta Resources, FutureBrand NY, 2020 (estimated launch in May 2020). Disney Citizenship, FutureBrand NY, 2013 (retired). Adient, FutureBrand NY, 2016. Reprise Digital, FutureBrand, 2018. Emmy Awards, Chermayeff & Geismar, 2000. Sentry Insurance, FutureBrand NY, 2016. US Army National Guard, FutureBrand NY, 2017. Samsung Beijing Olympics 2008, Landor San Francisco, 2007 (retired). BHP Billiton, FutureBrand NY, 2016. Lima Dekade DKV ITB, 2023. Bit Carbon, FutureBrand NY, 2019 (now is Diamond Standard). Riley Rose, FutureBrand NY, 2017. Riley Rose monogram, FutureBrand NY, 2017. Desain Grafis Indonesia Foundation founded by Hanny Kardinata, Jakarta, 2007. Pitney Bowes, FutureBrand NY, 2015. Carter’s apparel, Wolff Olins NY, 2004 (retired). USPS, FutureBrand NY, 2015 (not used). First Graduate, Landor San Francisco, 2009.  En’s Jewelry, Bandung, Indonesia, 1998. Weber Shandwick > We Solve, FutureBrand NY, 2019. Kirin FIRE beverages Japan, Landor San Francisco, 2009 (retired). Food Network, Chermayeff & Geismar, 2001 (not used). Guggenheim Partners, Chermayeff & Geismar, 2002. Chejoy Esselunga, FutureBrand NY, 2019. Andrus Children Center, Chermayeff & Geismar, 2001.