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Financial Services

Est.2016 Sentry Insurance total rebrand: visual identity, design system, iconography for one of the nation’s largest mutual insurance companies, headquartered in the Midwest. We delivered the big idea of new brand identity and experience by honoring Sentry’s enduring culture of partnership and collaboration. A dual-piece symbol reminiscent of the timeless yin yang, each side forms one section of a greater “S”— a greater Sentry. Because they know that there are two equal parts to every conversation: you + us. So it’s only fitting that the new logo not only celebrates Sentry’s own identity—it celebrates the ongoing dialogue they cultivate with their clients, too.

2018 Merit Award REBRAND 100
2017 Merit Award GRAPHIS Design Annual

The Design team was Ju Hyun Lee, Yelena Avenesova, Joo Chae led by Henri Kusbiantoro as associate creative director and Doug Sellers as creative director. Branded environments designed by Yogeeta Dastane led by Sung Kim and Flad Architects. Brand identity designed by Henri Kusbiantoro. Graphic illustration designed by Ju Hyun Lee. FutureBrand, New York.

Sentry custom logotype