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Est.2019  Every moment counts! More than 100 years ago, in 1915, Abigail Geisinger saw the need for advanced healthcare in her small central Pennsylvania town. “Make my hospital right; make it the best,” she said because she thought people deserved top-notch care. And today, Geisinger Health System really understands that every moment of health is a moment to celebrate. The brand identity was rendered with a bespoke logotype and the visual system was inspired by the big idea of the dynamic snapshot (aperture) of every precious moment of health and hope for over 3 million patients in 45 counties of Pennsylvania.

The new visual identity is literally a lens into the local community. A flexible system allows for the brand to show up consistently and credibly across a variety of media and communicate in a warm, authentic way. The rebrand was launched in October 2019, a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Design team was Jodi Chan, Henri Kusbiantoro led by Henri Kusbiantoro and Daniel Andersson as creative director. Brand Identity, motion principle and visual system designed by Henri Kusbiantoro. Brand video designed by Mariana Hochleitner and directed by Henri Kusbiantoro. FutureBrand, New York.