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Bit Carbon
Financial services and technology

Est.2019 Bit Carbon* is the world’s first diamond commodity that was founded by the inventor and software designer, Cormac L. Kinney as the new physical transaction with diamonds and a computer chip inside the token. We designed a completely new identity and visual system that are simple, bold, distinctive as the new currency that should also be reliable on the digital platforms and experiences. The idea is powerful — from the iconic currency symbol of an ancient Chinese coin with a square hole transformed into a diamond by rotating it 45°.

* The company has been renamed to Diamond Standard

Design team was Henri Kusbiantoro, Ju Hyun Lee and Yannick Connan from Hugo&Cat for digital branding led by Daniel Andersson (creative director) and Henri Kusbiantoro (associate creative director). Brand Identity designed by Henri Kusbiantoro. FutureBrand, New York.

Digital experience through web and mobile transaction