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Est.2021  Positioning themselves for the world’s favorite dog brand serving over 1.7M happy monthly subscribers, BARK has introduced a total rebranding designed in-house in January 2021, led by Henri Kusbiantoro as a creative director.

In transforming its new brand identity and visual system, we successfully brought out the big idea of “Making magic for all dogs and their people” by delivering a genuine inspiration through a dog’s soulful, innocent eyes “to see and find the magic and surprise inside yourself.” — The new identity is bold, unapologetic, distinctive and symbolizes dog-like qualities: honesty, authenticity and quirkiness. It helps all of us get to BE more dog. 

2022 America by Design 
BARK, Finalist: People’s Choice Award

Featured in
BrandNew UnderConsideration, 2021
Fast Company, April 13, 2023

Design team was Henri Kusbiantoro, Kengo Olsen, Elvis Fraile (UI Design) led by Henri Kusbiantoro as creative director. Logo animation by Paul Clark and Woodie Moon. IPO animation by Ed Sergi. Brand Identity designed by Henri Kusbiantoro. Doodles illustration by Dave Coverly. Guerilla illustration by Kengo Olsen. BARK New Headquarters NYC: Architecture and Interior Design by MKDA. Chief Creative Officer: Mikkel Holm and Co-Founder: Henrik Werdelin. BARK Brand Creative Studio, 2021.

BARK bespoke logotype

IPO Launch at Wall Street and Times Square, NY on June 21st, 2021

BARK’s new headquarters at 120 Broadway, NY. Opening in December, 2022. (Photo Courtesy: Henri Kusbiantoro and MKDA, New York)

BARK Total Rebranding: from the new identities (mother brand and sub brands) to design system and elements