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Army National Guard
Est.2017 Brand identity for recruitment of The US National Guard as part of the reserved components of the United States Army. The US Army appointed FutureBrand to develop a couple ideas to design a new identity which previously used the “controversial” minuteman symbol carrying the firearm. That meant the symbol of the minuteman would still be preserved as a seal but the recruitment logo needed to be different. The bold typographic logo shield was the favorite so became the selected final design for the relaunch of the new recruitment brand identity. The identity also has the flexibility to carry all the names of the states without altering its form.

Design team was Henri Kusbiantoro led by Sven Seger and John Malozzi. Brand identity designed by Henri Kusbiantoro. FutureBrand, New York.

The Army National Guard Seals have been used inconsistely in every states 

The US National Guard makes a difference in our community. Currently, they support state emergency response to COVID-19.