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Alta Resources
Technology and B2B

Est.2020 Alta Resources offers a global customer experiences through technology and call center services for many of the world’s most iconic brands. Believing approachability as the key to genuine conversation, we delivered a powerful idea that Alta is here to be their client’s advocate and their customer’s sounding board. The brand identity and visual system were rendered with a bespoke logotype with a unique curved – counter of the letter ‘a’. This forms a speech bubble that is interactive, bold, transparent and easy to manage on touchpoints, especially on digital platforms. The rebrand was launched in May 2020.

Design team was Henri Kusbiantoro as associate creative director led by Wally Krantz and Henri Kusbiantoro. Brand Identity designed by Henri Kusbiantoro. FutureBrand, New York. Web and mobile designed by Yannick Conan from Hugo&Cat. Brand video “Our Space” courtesy of Alta Resources, 2020.

Alta bespoke logotype