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Est.2022  Five decades ago, in 1972, the first graphic design school in Indonesia was founded at the ITB School of Art and Design in Bandung. It was Abdul Djalil Pirous, who was the pioneer of this prestigious institution. He is a fine art artist and graduate of ITB, who studied graphic design abroad at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.  

The brand identity and visual system of “LIMA DEKADE DKV ITB,” or Five Decades of Visual Communication Design at ITB, was inspired by the slinky toy, which was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum in Rochester. This fun spiral spring toy has been depicted as the universal symbol of success, flexibility, and perseverance. From generation to generation, the alumni of ITB have transformed and will continue to transform all industries, communities and nations. They will constantly adapt to this changing world, just like the slinky.

Official brand launching
March 4, 2023
Design Center, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Brand Identity and graphic system designed by Henri Kusbiantoro. Courtesy of photography and illustration assets of Alumni, ITB Visual Communication Design, Bandung, Indonesia